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Member: Scientific Committee 2016-18

Luisa Massarani
Electorate: Americas and Africa


Luisa Massarani is a Brazilian science communicator. Her background is in Communication, with a master in Science Information and a PhD in Biochemistry. She has been working science communication since 1987 and conjugates both practical and research activities. Since 2003, she is the Latin American coordinator of SciDev.Net– the Science and Development Network, Massarani also works at the Museum of Life (, a hands on science museum in Rio de Janeiro, where she does research in science communication. She is Productivity Fellow at the Brazilian Council for Science and Technology, a grant gave to the researchers considered to have high performance in research. She published about 380 stories in newspapers, magazines and websites (including SciDev.Net, Nature, Chemistry World, the Mexican Cómo ves? and the Brazilian Folha de São Paulo), many exhibitions, 60 papers in scientific journals; and organized about 30 publications on science communication. Full CV (in Portuguese)

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