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About membership

Renewing membership

Invitation to join the PCST Network

We invite people from round the world to join the PCST Network as members, to have a say in how the Network is organised.

Members of the PCST Network elect the Scientific Committee and vote on decisions to set the direction of the PCST Network. Members can stand for election to the Scientific Committee.

To become a member please complete the Application for membership and pay the subscription fee. As soon as the subscription fee has been paid, your membership becomes active and you will have access to the Members' section.

Benefits of membership

Members have benefits including:

Subscription fee

The membership period lasts for two years. Membership costs US$30.00 for people living in the 30 richest countries (according to an IMF list), and US$15.00 for residents of all other countries. Check the list of countries to see which subscription fee applies to you.


The general meeting of the PCST Network will be held every second year at the Conference. Members at the meeting will be able to join the discussion, present ideas to the meeting and vote on motions and in the elections for the Committee.

Electronic voting is available for members who are not able to be present at the meeting. Electronic voting will also be available when decisions have to be made between conferences.

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