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Public Communication of Science and Technology

Photo: Martin W Bauer

Martin W Bauer

PCST Network 2018–20

Electorate – Europe

I have been attending PCST conferences since the 1990s and contributed to various symposia, as keynote speaker and Editor of Public Understanding of Science, and in book chapters and scholarly papers. Coming from Social Psychology and Economic History, my interest in the field arises from public controveries over science and technology, from nuclear power to genetic engineering, vaccination, climate change and beyond. I belief that scientific culture is a global affair, while 'science culture' remains local. As a member of the Scientific Committee I will focus on safeguarding the appeal of PCST for professionals and academics alike. Any professional praxis needs the examination of its purposes and tools, and to monitor intended and unintended effects and impacts. I belief that PCST is not in the business of globalising any particular model, but contributes to global science with the examination of local rhetoric. What is a foundation of modern society invariably needs to grapple with diverse realities, not least in the very understanding of 'community building and communicating'. PCST events must examine failures, celebrate successes and offer critical thinking with a comparative outlook across the globe.


Members of the Scientific Committee: 2018–20