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Welcome to the PCST conference archive

This archive of PCST conference materials is made available, with open access, for all who are interested in science communication.

The archive contains abstracts and full papers from the PCST conferences and one symposium. We will continue to add further entries.

Click on the year of an individual conference in the list below to call up an index of the records from that conference, in alphabetical order of author's name.

Files Year Location Program
[344]2018Dunedin, New Zealand
[373] 2016 Istanbul, Turkey
[541] 2014 Salvador, Brazil
[368] 2012 Florence, Italy  
[321] 2010 New Delhi, India  
[315] 2008 Malmo, Sweden  
[234] 2006 Seoul, Korea  
[52] 2005 Beijing, China  
[182] 2004 Barcelona, Spain
[110] 2002 Cape Town, South Africa  
[85] 2001 Geneva, Switzerland  
[121] 1998 Berlin, Germany  
[68] 1996 Melbourne, Australia  
[45] 1994 Montreal, Canada  
[38] 1991 Madrid, Spain  

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
Retrieved from the PCST Archive of Conference Papers: