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2018 – Dunedin, New Zealand   [344 papers presented]

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Author(s) Title Category
Abrahams, NChanging the story: a case study of exaggeration in neuroscience reporting Individual paper
Alvarez, M Building bridges to bring science closer to society. '20 years is nothing 'Show, tell and talk
Amorim, JChildren’s University UFMG: a practice for knowledge decolonization? Idea in progress
Amorim, LZika and microcephaly: from the scientific discovery by Fiocruz to the...Individual paper
Amorim, LSynthetic phosphoethanolamine: the Show, tell and talk
Anagnostopolos, TMind the Lab: a powerful tool in the field of science communication Idea in progress
Anagnostopolos, TSTEMpowering Youth: Innovation to the local community and science... Visual talk
Anderson, JToxic zombie death machines ... a love story Speakers' corner
Anggaryani, MSchool-based disaster risk reduction program: a critical analysis on... Visual talk
Ansell, JTreating patients with an illness that may not exist- using Lyme or Lyme-like... Idea in progress
Ansell, JEvaluation of vaccine communications and interventions, 1998-2014: do any...Individual paper
Ansell, JEvaluation of vaccine communications and interventions, 1998-2014: do any...Visual talk
Appiah, BScientists and journalists networked to promote environmental health  Show, tell and talk
Appiah, BChildren drawing pictures against antimicrobial resistance in Ghana Idea in progress
Aranda, GScience games: the nexus of science education and science communication? Show, tell and talk
Armas, JOutline of integrating science in the night culture Individual paper
Armstrong, ECreative reactions - pint of science: using art to explore science in London Show, tell and talk
Armstrong, EExamining the intersection of art-science and science communication Idea in progress
Armstrong, EScientists in residence: what's the point of stepping out of the laboratory?  Individual paper
Atchawisit, KPreliminary Study: Applying Hands-on Activities as Introduction to Science and... Visual talk
Austin, SSophisticated strategies of science presenters Visual talk
Autzen, CScience told by ‘science’: The story of EurekAlert!  Individual paper
Ayure, MPractices of public communication of science in Colombia Visual talk
Bagg, M2500% and counting: who gives a hoot about science? Show, tell and talk
Bailey, LNice to MOOC you: online learning for science communication Idea in progress
Balli, EThe role of science communication journals in America Latina Roundtable discussion
Balvert, FThe Floor is to the Stakeholders Idea in progress
Baram-Tsabari, AWhat do you want to explore? Introducing personal research into a citizen... Individual paper
Baram-Tsabari, AWhat’s new about public engagement with science on new media? Grouped paper
Barata, GAre researchers using social media professionally? A comparative survey among... Individual paper
Barel-Ben David, YAre science stories inherently boring? A comparison of public engagement with... Individual paper
Barel-Ben David, YThere and back again – A science communicator and researcher's tale Speakers' corner
Barel-Ben David, YIs science communication training effective? Integrating research into practice Grouped paper
Barrett, PNarratives of science and community in marine ecosystem restoration: the... Visual talk
Batta, HAn auto-ethnographic audit of science communication interest among Nigerian... Individual paper
Bentsen, THow to train your audience: research based advice on public speaking for... Workshop
Beringen, HRisky business: the role of communicating science stories in...Individual paper
Binneman, ASquare kilometre array South Africa understanding San cosmology Show, tell and talk
Binneman, ASquare kilometre array's (Meerkat) struggles with anti-science advocacy groups Individual paper
Björkman, JBe there.The importance of presence in a digital era. Stand-up and public... Roundtable discussion
Blue, GTalking about reflexivity Individual paper
Blue, GReframing climate change: a deliberative approach to public engagement with... Workshop
Boran, M'I, for one, welcome our robot overlords': reader comments as a space for... Individual paper
botin, lCoverage of science and technology in Brazilian public television TV Cultura Show, tell and talk
Bravo Williams, AThe importance to gain knowledge and skills through science communication Individual paper
Brossard, DWho do we trust and think should have a say, when it comes to controversial... Individual paper
Brounéus, KMind the ‘Ivory Tower–Grassroots’ Gap: Science communication in post... Roundtable discussion
Brouneus, FPublic confidence in research – communication dos and don’ts for researchers Individual paper
Brouneus, FCounteracting cross-cultural calamities when creating a comic – lessons... Show, tell and talk
C. Ortiz, JRecognising the importance of story scouting and crafting to maximise... Roundtable discussion
Cano-Orón, LCoverage comparison of homeopathy and acupuncture stories in Spanish digital... Individual paper
Carcaillet, FWhen researchers, students and pupils communicate science with stop-motion... Show, tell and talk
Carson, SHow can citizen science support communities to expand their narrative: seashore... Individual paper
Castro, MScience museum not yet, but 10 years communicating sciences in the same senseVisual talk
Cerini, BEmerging trends and issues in citizen science Roundtable discussion
Cerini, BHeroes in science: personal narratives and self-identities Individual paper
Chen, GStudy of lifelong learning and civic science literacy of youth in Thailand Individual paper
Chen, GContext and challenges in engaging scientists in science communication: case... Visual talk
Cheng, XInvestigation on research themes and the development trend of science communicat... Individual paper
Chinsamy-Turan, AEvaluating the effectiveness of a science communication MOOC  Individual paper
Cisternas, JKey elements for communication and strengthening of the relationship: first... Show, tell and talk
Concannon, CCommunicating science to the very young through playVisual talk
Concannon, CFinal year science communication projects for undergraduate science students Show, tell and talk
Corballis, TClimate modelling, cognitive mapping and literary form Individual paper
Corell, MAttitudes and perceptions of training teaching students about alternative and...Visual talk
Cormick, CChanging climate x changing communities = emergency communication challenges Show, tell and talk
Davies, SScience communication as culture: Entertainment, interaction, and emotion Roundtable discussion
de Bakker, LSupporting science communicators – new approachesRoundtable discussion
de Bakker, LThe representation of synthetic biology in Dutch mediaIndividual paper
de Kauwe, VPresenting science to young adults with intellectual disabilities: the steps of...Individual paper
de la Torre Ávila, LScience communication the other way around: how to get scientists to understand... Roundtable discussion
de Oliveira, DBuilding bridges between universities and society: the Magazine Lynaldo... Visual talk
Dickie, LWhen science meets politics: the case of young adults and the Predator Free... Visual talk
Doran, HImplementing responsible research and innovation at universities. A cultural... Roundtable discussion
Dunwoody, SHow journalists deal with scientific uncertainty and what that means for the...Roundtable discussion
Durant, DDilemmas in communicating climate science Individual paper
Dvorzhitskaia, D‘A form of sanity check’: how people at CERN view science communicationIndividual paper
Edwards, NSuccessful science communication about problems that cross sectors Grouped paper
Eggeling, MUsing videos of live surgeries to communicate medical knowledge to the public Individual paper
Eichmeier, AReducing motivated reasoning on controversial science: testing which factors... Individual paper
Entradas, MInstitutional science communication: cross-national comparative study Grouped paper
Farrugia, CA case study in supporting video and narrative based science communication to... Visual talk
Ferracioli, LFormation of mediators of Science Square of Vitoria, ES, Brazil: a proposal...Visual talk
Ferreira, SICATE: a strategy for infection control awarenessShow, tell and talk
Finkler, WThe art and science of engagement: a global perspective on science...Roundtable discussion
Finkler, WScience communication filmmaking and multimedia workshop  Workshop
Finkler, WThe science communication of whale watching: a marketing based people-focused... Individual paper
Fitzjohn, SActivism, Science, and the Infinite Game Show, tell and talk
Fletcher, JThe role of story in transitioning to low carbon travel Individual paper
Fontanetto, RScience in the Brazilian magazine piauí: who writes the story also has a storyIndividual paper
García, CThe communication of science and technology as a tool for social inclusion.... Individual paper
Garcia, MScientific and political aspects of the circulation of rumors about zika and mic... Individual paper
Garty, EIncrease science reporting in the media in three easy steps Visual talk
Garty, ES-Factor - creative ways to communicate science Show, tell and talk
Garty, EA scientific meal in 3 dishes Workshop
Gascoigne, TTwo cultures: the musicalPerfomance
Gascoigne, TResearch meets practice: outcomes of the Bellagio meeting Roundtable discussion
Gastrow, MExploring the science-society interface in South Africa Grouped paper
Geipel, AOnline news from the past – ancient Greece on YouTube and the seemingly... Show, tell and talk
Geipel, APlatform politics vs. content: how we communicate science on YouTube Individual paper
Gerber, APCST training across the world: conclusions from a curriculum analysis Individual paper
Gierth, LWhen motivated reasoning is reasonable: being vigilant about dubious science... Individual paper
Gierth, LStylistic elements of YouTube videos: what do users expect of science... Idea in progress
González Burón, HStand-up comedy to rise scientific vocations Perfomance
González Burón, HParticipatory science communication to rise scientific vocations Workshop
Goodwin, BHow do recipients interact with data journalism? Individual paper
Gormley, BReviewing a case for the deficit model of communication during crisis pandemic... Idea in progress
Gormley, BA critical review of pre-eminent vaccine compliance and risk communication... Individual paper
Grant, WThe Wholesome Show presents: Everything science communication shouldn't do Perfomance
Grant, WTracking trends in demand for Australia's research workforce Individual paper
Griffkin, AAdventures in aerial dance and physics: how we made Flying Atoms Show, tell and talk
Grosvenor, SHow the lived experience is shaping dementia research Individual paper
Guenther, LThe Draw-a-scientist test in an African context: comparing students’... Individual paper
Hamada-Ano, AThe search for effective methods of engaging Pacific Ocean nations for coral... Idea in progress
Hamel, SOutside the box Visual talk
Hanisch, EThe Effects of Photographing Wildlife on Engagement with Biodiversity Issues Visual talk
Hannah, KDigital absenting: the impact of digitization on narratives of science... Individual paper
Harcourt, EChurch and the bedroom: the relationship between religious service attendance... Visual talk
Harker-Schuch, IWhy is early adolescence so pivotal in the climate change communication and... Individual paper
He, LResearch on the influential factors for science popularization capability in... Visual talk
Hecker, SImproSciComm - the art of (science) communication is improvisation Workshop
Hecker, SCitizen science communication – theory and new concepts  Grouped paper
Hellens, REngagement in advanced biotechnology Visual talk
Hendriks, FScientists' views on their own engagement in science communication and outreach... Individual paper
Hendy, SScience! You'll never guess what happened next ... Speakers' corner
Herbulock, DBreaking down silos: sharing outcomes from different approaches to science... Roundtable discussion
Herrera, SScience and socioenvironmental problems: discourses in the urban context of... Individual paper
Herrera, SScience communication and socio-environmental problems: the case of water and... Roundtable discussion
Hetland, PBuilding knowledge infrastructures for citizen science: the quest for... Individual paper
Hickman, MScience Learning+: understanding the value of informal science experiences Visual talk
Hickman, MUnderstanding ‘trusted intermediaries’ in order to broaden participation Individual paper
Hickman, MEngaging the STEM-excluded: critical perspectives on broadening participation Roundtable discussion
Hoepner, DYou need to shut up: research silencing and its implications for public health... Individual paper
Hogan, JCrowdsourcing the storytelling: competitions in quantum film and fiction  Visual talk
Hrabánková, MDoes the big natural science metanarrative exist? Are there any trends in... Individual paper
Huang, CWhat science story do they tell? - A comparative study of how science was...Visual talk
Hytten, KWhat about climate change? The absence of climate change from science... Visual talk
Ikkatai, YScience crowdfunding in Japan: its characteristics and future problems Individual paper
Inglis, RStories can save lives: breaking through stigma with video stories  Show, tell and talk
Inglis, RWhere no one has gone before: a journey into the nano world Visual talk
Inglis, RWhose story is it anyway? Participatory approaches to science engagement  Workshop
Irwin, ACitizen science: a new knowledge politics? Individual paper
Iwata, AThe comics as a tool to inform scientific concepts about glass in an...Show, tell and talk
Jansma, SFrankenstein food? The legitimation processes of GM Food in the Netherlands  Individual paper
Jarlett, HCreating new heroes: promoting CERN in the post-Higgs era Show, tell and talk
Jensen, EPreaching to scientifically converted audiences: evaluating social inclusion at... Individual paper
Jensen, EHow to evaluate science communication impact using survey methods Workshop
Jia, HPassive communicators: investigating Chinese scientists’ interaction with... Individual paper
John, RExploring perceptions about the educational use of augmented reality  Visual talk
Jothi, SAnalysis on the purpose of information and scientific communication through... Individual paper
Joubert, MScientists' ambivalence about public communication Individual paper
Kalmar, ECollaboration readiness of transdisciplinary collaborations Idea in progress
Kano, KPublic engagement-oriented science education practices and research - using TV... Individual paper
Karvonen, MScience with symphony Individual paper
Karvonen, MResearch and the arts - Allegra Lab Helsinki Show, tell and talk
König, L“To Trust or Not To Trust?” - Exploring the Credibility and Trustworthiness... Individual paper
Kennedy, ECommunicating disasters: after action reviews as a genre of science... Individual paper
Kerr, JAttitudes towards science in New Zealand: psychological factors and... Individual paper
Kingsley, IA new tool to evaluate impacts of science communication on scientific literacy Visual talk
Kingsley, IQuestioning assumptions: the evidence gap in science communication Individual paper
Knapen, MThe scientific basis of homeopathy, where is the (mis)communication? Individual paper
Koivumäki, KTweet or perish Individual paper
Koivumäki, KBlog&Tweet turns – changing the culture of science communication  Show, tell and talk
Koso, AHow Japanese academic and research institutions communicate scientific... Visual talk
Ku, CThe arousal of “Hot cognition” in science explanation and judgement  Visual talk
Kudo, MA qualitative study of reflective accounts of a science communication training... Individual paper
Kyeongju, MAnalysis of science communication success factors of special exhibition in... Visual talk
Lamberts, RNational surveys: if you're going to bother, bother hard! Individual paper
Lee, SHow college students respond to cyber scientific research information in Taiwan Visual talk
Leigh, AWhat’s the Buzz ? - a selection of outstanding science story telling in film,... Workshop
LI, HThe investigation and analysis of scientists’ engagement in popular science... Individual paper
Li, YThe study of communication strategies of climate change risk  Idea in progress
Lin, CUsing animal storytelling to communicate undergraduate students’... Visual talk
Linna, RTrying to find more variety and increase popular appeal in processes Show, tell and talk
Lipfert, TSmall screen science: mobile video as a platform for explaining gravitational... Show, tell and talk
Lipponen, SMistakes, fun, creativity - reinventing the idea of a meetingWorkshop
Lipponen, SThink tanks for or against science: examples of recent anti-science rhetorics Show, tell and talk
Liu, GAssessment on performance of science popularization resources in China Visual talk
Liu, LResearch on characteristic of science popularization new media production based... Speakers' corner
Liu, XConstructing the framework of risk governance for free opening science and... Individual paper
Liu, XEmpirical studies on the science culture index: comparison study among... Roundtable discussion
Llorente, CSocial participation in science: the perspective of third sector organizations Individual paper
Lo, YScientists’ beliefs about science and the public in different cultures Individual paper
Lo, YThe creation of story authenticity—a case study of the Taiwanese fictional...Visual talk
Longnecker, NSupport for citizen scientists through social media Individual paper
Lopera-Pareja, EEvaluation of attitudes toward CAM among budding science storytellers:...Individual paper
Lorke, JFrom ‘old media’ to interactive radio? Individual paper
Lorke, JIntroducing LEARN CitSci – Exploring youth participation in citizen science Idea in progress
Lupetti, KVitreous sounds Perfomance
Ma, JPublic participation and government 's scientific decision - taking the... Individual paper
Manyweathers, J“Monitoring disease risk is not a huge priority, but herd health, that’s... Individual paper
Manyweathers, JWhy won’t they just vaccinate? An infectious disease risk communication... Workshop
Marino, Kfrequensea: making the intangible tangible Visual talk
Marschalek, IPaper, scissors, playdough: an experiment in using creative methods for the... Visual talk
Marti-Sanchez, M"It actually works for me": the presence of homeopathy in the Spanish digital...Individual paper
Martin, KEngagement for digital native storytellers: making students the science... Show, tell and talk
Martin, VHow can we engage more diverse audiences in large-scale citizen science... Individual paper
Marx, MDo you speak politician? Lessons from PRIMEShow, tell and talk
Massarani, LMapping science communication research globally: trends, gaps, challenges and... Roundtable discussion
Mateos Espejel, LThe meaningful power of emojis to understand public perceptions of science Individual paper
Mauelshagen, CMaking the invisible visible: Photo-interview techniques in science... Individual paper
Mauelshagen, CThe science communication lab: an expert-based study on design requirements for... Visual talk
McKinnie, DUsing ocean exploration to connect Pacific Island cultures with ocean science Show, tell and talk
McKinnon, MScience communication and gender: challenges, opportunities and stereotypes Workshop
McKinnon, MScience communication for citizen scientists: fostering community capacity for... Show, tell and talk
McKinnon, MBuilding Public Understanding of Population Health Science: Insights from a... Roundtable discussion
Medina-Rosas, PVive el arrecife. First interactive exhibition on Mexican coral reefs to... Visual talk
Medvecky, FTalking about values in science communication Roundtable discussion
Mena, AMusical tales: one composer in residence and three movements of science Show, tell and talk
Mendoza-Poudereux, IStories of complementary therapies in the Spanish digital newspapersIndividual paper
Metcalf, VWhen curious citizens lead science – the paradigm shift arising from... Individual paper
Metcalfe, JInternational perspectives on science communication theory and practice Grouped paper
Miller, SCommunicating science across cultures: session 1 of 2- Astronomy and voyaging Grouped paper
Miller, SCommunicating science across cultures: session 2 - Heritage and engagement Grouped paper
Mir, RHigh level science learning centers – innovative community project to develop... Grouped paper
Mir, ROutdoor science parks and experiences - increasing community participation and... Roundtable discussion
Mir, RUncle Albert's kosher dill pickle – telling the story of Albert Einstein... Perfomance
Mohan, MMotives, opinions and communication – perspectives from the field study of... Idea in progress
Mordan, CThe role of society in science: insights into responsibility, integrity and... Roundtable discussion
Moreno-Castro, CA study about knowledge and attitudes towards complementary and alternative...Individual paper
Moreno-Castro, CWho tells the science stories in Spain? Survey among the members of...Visual talk
Muller, LA five year qualative and quantative assesment of science engagement by... Visual talk
Munshi, DFraming futures through fiction and folklore: weaving past and prospective... Individual paper
Murphy, PTelling stories through the soundscapes of nanotechnology media Individual paper
Murriello, SStories about earthquakes and eruptions in Andean PatagoniaShow, tell and talk
Murriello, SIndigenous languages in Patagonia: a travelling exhibitionIdea in progress
Nagao, AAn approach to scientific literacy through chemical experiments using wine and... Show, tell and talk
Negrete, AThe use of narratives (photo-comic) as a means to communicate information about... Individual paper
Nepote, AThe soul of Latin-American science communication Roundtable discussion
Neumann, RAdoption and implementation of scientific knowledge into peatland policy –... Show, tell and talk
Neves, RQuestions from Brazil: children and adults interaction at a science exhibition Individual paper
Neves, RWhat Brazilian young students have to say about synthetic biology? Show, tell and talk
Nuijens, FScience writing as designing: an educational experiment Show, tell and talk
Nygren, TThe News Evaluator – fostering source criticism through citizen science Individual paper
O Joseph, OAt source control of diseases: what is the role of communication? Visual talk
O'Connor, RValuing good engagement process and individual outcomes in decision-maker... Individual paper
O'Connor, RAn exploration of science communication in the world of decision-makers Roundtable discussion
OHara, KNot my understanding: survey of Canadian scientists' views on public engagement Individual paper
OHara, KA sizeable shift: exploring new boundaries for science journalists and science... Roundtable discussion
Oliphant, ZScience in Jamaica: setting the baseline for improvement. Visual talk
Oliphant, ZJamaica: Assessing Science Communication at the Post-Graduate LevelIndividual paper
Oliveira, B Evaluation of the effects of an exhibition about childbirth on the visitors'... Show, tell and talk
Otero, SWhat are girls curious about when it comes to nature? Show, tell and talk
Otero, SScience against the wall Visual talk
Otero, SScience and art: evaluating public perception of the mural "Volcanoes of Chile" Idea in progress
Pellegrini, GScientist as communicators: a study on the role of researchers in the public...Individual paper
Permatasari, DHearing colors, coloring sounds: developing awareness of synesthesia phenomenon Visual talk
Permatasari, DSynesthesia live painting show: developing public awareness of synesthesia... Workshop
Peters, HNatural and social scientists relate differently with the public and take roles... Individual paper
Pfeiffer, LFailure to engage: analysis of climate risks to food and agriculture in the... Individual paper
Poenaru, LContextual model of learning in science museums – learning mathematics in... Visual talk
Priestley, RWhere science meets the headlines: a decade of the New Zealand Science Media... Individual paper
Ramadan, MThe impact of science communication competitions on the capacities of the next... Idea in progress
Rao, ARelevance-distance as a model for evaluating the engagement potential for... Show, tell and talk
Reynoso, EWhat knowledge and skills define a professional science communicator?Roundtable discussion
Riedlinger, MScience advocacy in Australia: A Twitter analysis of the March for Science Individual paper
Riedlinger, MThe role of professional science communication associations in supporting...Roundtable discussion
Rifkin, WSocial license and two narratives of science communication in Australia's... Individual paper
Rifkin, WPsychosocial stress due to environmental and health concerns: What should be... Idea in progress
Riise, JCreating the stories together Roundtable discussion
Rios, PPolicy design and implementation; an inclusive model to promote public... Individual paper
Roberson, TCan hype be a force for good? – Debating the benefits and drawbacks of... Roundtable discussion
Roche, JEvaluating science communication across cultures: European Researchers’ Night Roundtable discussion
Roche, JThe challenges of establishing a national citizen science association Idea in progress
Rock, JCo-creating science communication: how important is facilitation for... Show, tell and talk
Roger-Monzo, V“It won’t hurt you. It’s natural”: the treatment of alternative...Individual paper
Roger-Monzo, VYoutube: to be or not to be scienceVisual talk
Rose, KPublic opinion of evolution: different approaches to measuring evolution... Idea in progress
Rose, KComparison of graduate students and tenure-track faculty in levels of and... Individual paper
Rueda, XFrom the communication of science and technology to the social appropriation of... Individual paper
Rykers, ECommunicating conservation with detection dogs Visual talk
Sakellari, MWhy the social nature of climate change doesn't fit into climate change media... Visual talk
Saladie, NTraining on RRI: experiences on responsibility  Roundtable discussion
Saladie, NLanding on reality though a future scenario: a case on responsible research Workshop
Salmon, RReflexive practice: radicalising how scientists approach communication Idea in progress
Salmon, RClimate change engagement in the “Deep South challenge”: integrating theory... Individual paper
Salt, DThe 'dinosaur' magazine in the age of social media Individual paper
Sankatsing Nava, TCaribbean ties: co-developing a new narrative on indigenous heritage in the... Visual talk
Sankatsing Nava, TCo-creating an Amerindian Heritage Research Exhibition with Caribbean and... Individual paper
Santos, AUses of public communication in the scientific culture of Brazil and Canada: a...Idea in progress
Santos, AThinking science: initiatives of public communication for the scientific... Visual talk
Saracino, BVisual science literacy: indicators, data and results Individual paper
Sarvary, MTurning undergraduates into science storytellers. What are the best practices?Roundtable discussion
Satre Buisson, GPulling out prematurely: Donald Trump and the Paris Agreement - a cross-country... Individual paper
Scanlon, EThe role of citizen science in engaging publics in science and technology:... Individual paper
Scarth, B“We Know those Code Words”: The Impact of Wording When Talking about Suicide Visual talk
Schiele, AScience/pseudoscience TV series, a comparisonIndividual paper
Schiele, BHow to innovate in science communication in complex societies Individual paper
Schneider, SCultural pre-conceptions and their Implications on earth science education Idea in progress
Sellou, LRojak science: a gastronomical path to science communication in Singapore Individual paper
SHI, LAssessment on the science communication effect of S&T contest: A case study of... Visual talk
Smeets, ILying with numbers Perfomance
Smith, BSystemic support for scientists' communication and engagement Roundtable discussion
Smith, APublic perceptions of genetic engineering in New Zealand Visual talk
Solis, DPerspectives towards a science centre’s redevelopment Visual talk
Song, YLooking into the misunderstanding of science on mass media Show, tell and talk
Souza, LAnalysis of the scientific dissemination project - Children's University -... Idea in progress
Sripaoraya, EEffectiveness of NSM Science Caravan as a science outreach for rural... Visual talk
Sripaoraya, NSkills and knowledge development of programme presenters who participate in... Visual talk
Standerfer, CIncreasing awareness of women's health services: the continued need for... Individual paper
Stevenson, VScience communication: how to get from the lab bench to the stock exchange Show, tell and talk
Straza, TVisualising Pacific women in ocean science and management Show, tell and talk
Straza, TShort and swift: equipping policy-makers with regional science Individual paper
Swierkowski, JMultimodal metaphors in science communication Individual paper
Thiele, FReasons for use and disuse of academic social networking sites Visual talk
Thiele, FThe email as a stress factor for academics Individual paper
Tondreau, NReport on mega-drought in Chile (or how to win the hearts and minds of decision... Show, tell and talk
Torok, SCommunicating contested science Show, tell and talk
Trench, BBig challenges for small countries in science communicationRoundtable discussion
Trench, BLittle lessons in science communication: a game of cardsWorkshop
Turner-Skoff, JTranslating life science research to stories: using media channels for broader...Show, tell and talk
Turner-Skoff, JTaking the science stories to the people: reaching diverse audiences through... Individual paper
Udalagama, CCommunicating science in stealth Show, tell and talk
Valença, MWho are the science communicators? Profiling backgrounds, practices and... Individual paper
van der Sanden, MScience communication: the heartbeat of collaboration in science & technology... Roundtable discussion
Venugopal, RDoes astronomy really inspire and change perspectives? A randomized controlled...Show, tell and talk
Venugopal, RCommunicating 'science for development': getting scientists, communicators and... Idea in progress
Venugopal, RCommunicating 'astronomy for development': approaches to communicate the... Visual talk
Verbeke, MReconceptualizing science literacy: Is it feasible? Individual paper
Vernal, TThe academic training of science journalist in Chile Individual paper
Vizzini, CPERFORM Idea in progress
Wahl, STweeting uncertainty during Hurricane Irma Visual talk
Wahl, SCommunicating with the public during natural disasters in Europe Individual paper
Walker, GGetting all emotional about communicating science Perfomance
Walker, GIf you want to go far, go together – partnerships to create African science... Individual paper
Wallace, JAge-specific opportunities and challenges found engaging the public in science  Show, tell and talk
Wallner Werneck Mendes, JBiology in the media: an analysis of a communication magazine in Brazil Show, tell and talk
Wang, GEmpirical study on the golden ratio in Chinese landscape paintings Individual paper
Watson, MDefining public attitudes and understanding of human gene therapy in Australia Individual paper
Weder, FReflexivity on contradictions Individual paper
Weder, FPublic problematization of water supply and the risk of scarcity Visual talk
Weder, FMetaphors for the „commons“ in the media Idea in progress
Wehrmann, CThe story of our science communication curricula: to be continued Roundtable discussion
Wilson, PWhen a risk message fails – telling the story of raw milk in Australia Individual paper
Wu, LInsights from a brand new cooperation model: science edu-communication through... Individual paper
Wu, DAn analysis of Chinese netizens' search behavior about demand of science... Visual talk
Yao, L"China" imagination in science fiction – Take personal handphone system... Speakers' corner
Yeo, DStudy on enhancing the public confidence in nuclear safety regulations in Korea... Individual paper
Yeo, SThe Influence of temperature on #ClimateChange and #GlobalWarming discourses on... Individual paper
Yokoyama, HWhy do female Japanese students not study mathematical and physical sciences? Show, tell and talk
Zhang, TScience Communication in Tertiary Student Recruitment Speakers' corner
Zhang, TGovernment credibility in a post-expert world: a case study of GMO... Idea in progress
Zhu, LThe effectiveness of photographs to communicate science in a Chinese national... Visual talk

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Holliman, R. (2004). Interpreting science news: media templates and scientific citizenship.
Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology (PCST), Barcelona, Spain, 3‐6 June 2004.
Retrieved from the PCST Archive of Conference Papers: